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Blinds Central London
If you've been scouring far and wide for the best blinds in Central London for your money, then Adam's Blinds is the answer to your prayers! We've got decades of experience in providing the people of Central London with premium made-to-measure blinds for their commercial or domestic needs. Our range of blinds in Central London has never failed to satisfy our clients, and we hope to continue with our reputation as the best blinds provider in London!  

Blinds East London
Here at Adam's Blinds, we offer the best made-to-measure blinds money can buy in East London. All of our East London clients have come out of our services with professional quality blinds, which are the perfect fit for their property. So whether you're looking for blinds in East London for your home or for a commercial property, we will be able to provide you with a premium and personalised service to find the perfect shade for you. With an incredible value for money and tonnes of classy designs to choose from, it's no wonder we've been hailed as one of the best blind providers in East London.  

Blinds North London
We've made it our target to provide the people of North London with the best blinds money can buy. So whether you're looking for blinds in North London for a commercial or domestic property, Adam's Blinds can provide you with premium made-to-measure blinds. With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we've provided people with blinds in North London for years and have never disappointed.  

Blinds South London
Anyone who's looking for blinds in South London will have an uphill struggle to find better service than at Adam's Blinds. We've made it our objective always to offer the people of South London with the best made-to-measure blinds that money can buy – so much so that all of our customers looking for blinds in South London have received professional blinds which are a perfect fit for their property.  

Blinds West London
Looking for the best made-to-measure blinds in West London for your commercial or domestic property? Adam's Blinds has got you covered – we've got decades of experience under our belt in bringing smiles to the faces of anyone looking for blinds in West London. For example, you might be looking to renovate your bedroom and need the perfect blinds to fit the ballot, or maybe the blinds in your office just aren't cutting it anymore, and you need a more effective solution.  

Blackout Cassette Blinds With Side Channels And Top Cassette
We offer made-to-measure blackout cassetted blinds with fitting services on London. Request a quote online today from Adams Blinds London.  

How to Choose the Best Blind Type for Your Home
Did you think that home design is just about picking trendy colors and fads? Well, it’s not. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. That is why choosing the best blind type for your home is essential if you want to ensure that your home looks exactly as you envision it.  

Sunscreen Roller Blinds
Our FR screen fabric is designed to give you total solar control in different environments. You can choose from 4 openness factors - 1, 3, 5 & 10% - meaning that you can tailor the openness factor across an area or building to suit your desires. By varying the openness factor according to the aspect of a window, you can use the 4 openness factors to maintain even levels of natural light throughout a building.  

Order Free Samples of Blinds Online
How does this work? Below you will find links to our fabric supplier's websites. Each website is different, but you will need to find and add the desired fabric into the basket and follow the steps. There is a limit on how many samples you can order at once. Normally takes 3-5 working days to receive the ordered samples if the stockist has them in stock. Once you receive them just contact us and we can provide you with a quote based on the samples you selected and if you'd like to proceed then we will book you in for an appointment to take proper measurements.  

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Blinds Showrooms
If you're looking for blinds for your residential or commercial property, you will most likely have considered visiting a blinds showroom, such as blinds showrooms in London. This will show you different types of blinds and curtains in action.  

Made To Measure Roller Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
For many of our customers, roller blinds are the perfect choice for their budgets and needs. They are particularly popular for people looking for blind solutions for rooms that are prone to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, since roller blinds use fabrics which are moisture resistant. Due to their practicality and sleek design, they've also been a tried and tested staple in any room of the house and even commercial buildings like offices or shops.  

Top 5 Blinds for 2022
Looking for the most ideal blinds for your office or home to cover the light and give your rooms an elegant and sleek feel? Look no further: here at Adam’s Blinds; we've kept a keen eye on the trends for the blinds which we install to bring you the top blinds for 2022.  

Window Blinds are the Cost-Effective Way to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer
When the warm weather arrives, you probably can’t wait to spend more time outdoors. However, this also means that your home will be hotter than usual and might not have the most pleasant of conditions for you and your family. To make sure that you and everyone who lives there is comfortable during the summer months, it’s essential to look into investing in window blinds London services. These are cost-effective products that can help control how much light and heat enters your home by covering windows with blinds. Here’s how they can reduce the temperature in your house this summer without breaking the bank.  

Allusion Blinds - Unique, Subtle & Stunning
Allusion® blinds offer a unique shading solution for the home, providing subtle light diffusion with a view
or privacy and security when closed.  

We're looking for a reliable self-employed blind fitter who perhaps already has (had) regular jobs in LONDON and have the time to do a 1-3 extra full days per week for us, depending on his workload. Apply now.  

Windows cracked because of the heat?
One day, you go to look out the window, pull your blinds up or curtains aside, and you notice there’s a sizable crack in the edge of your window. You start to wonder what could have happened. Did it get hit by something? Was it a bird? You even wonder whether it's because of your newly installed blinds. As you think through these ideas, you realise there’s no way to solidify them as the culprit. So then, what’s happened?  

Back Bars For Roller Blinds
The back bar is a roller blind fitting system. An aluminum profile runs between each bracket. The profile is then fitted with wide bodied vertical blind brackets. It is compatible with any of our tube sizes.  

Blackout Cassette Roller Blinds With Pips
The Cassetted Roller Blinds is the ultimate blackout experience. It is a clever and stylish combination of headbox cassette, side channels and bottom rail that seal the gaps around the window.  

Roller Blinds with Fascia
As practical as it is stylish, the Capital Fascia’s modular design allows you to construct fascias that meet almost any dimensions whilst still providing a sleek and modern finish to any blind (or blinds) in residential and commercial spaces alike. It utilises its hardware to build around the blind, sealing the gaps around it to prevent any light leakage.  

Double glass types used in the UK
The term 'double glazing' refers to windows and doors that are fitted with a sealed unit, comprising two panes of glass with what is known as a 'spacer bar' around the edge. The edge is then sealed with a special sealant to prevent air and moisture from entering the sealed unit.  

Yewdale Blinds Fabrics
Made-to-measure Yewdale blind fabrics.  

Roller Blinds Fabrics - Vertical Blinds Fabrics - Perfect Fit Blinds Fabrics - 2022-2023 Collection
Made-to-measure roller blinds, vertical blinds and perfect-fit blinds. Motorised roller blind fabrics and motorised vertical blind fabrics. 2022-2023 collection.  

The Best London Blinds Company
If you're looking for the best London Blinds Company, then you've come to the right place. Here at Adam's Blinds, we pride ourselves on having the best London blind shop because we come directly to your property and help you choose the perfect blinds for you! Just ask one of our previous clients, and you'll come to realise why we've garnered a reputation as one of the best blind companies in London!  

Logo printed roller blinds
If you finished your new office and looking for a way to professionally promote your brand? Or renovating your home and thinking for a personal finishing touch? Whatever the request, we are here to offer you printed blinds for your windows.  

Guide for Different Types of Windows
Windows are the eyes of a building and have significant effects on nature lightning, mitigates noise coming from outside and defining the look of the facade. The right window can add exclusive character to your home. To choose the right type of window among windows available on the market is not an easy process, it needs a lot of thinking and planning regarding style, practicality and functionality. Whether you’re planning for building a new house, or rehabilitating an old one, we try to help you by providing an assembly of the most popular window types to choose from.


Temporary Blinds - while waiting for the real blinds being manufactured
Temporary Blinds are instant window blinds that you can use immediately while waiting for the real blinds being manufactured.
Have you lately moved into a new place and searching out ideas for décor? In all probability the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you need new window coverings. However, it takes some time to think about the options before making a final decision. We are glad to announce that this isn’t an issue anymore; therefore, we would like to offer you our Temporary Blinds as instant window blinds that you can use immediately.  

Which Blind Types Are Recommended For Bedroom Windows?
We all admit that there is nothing more important for our well-being than a pleasant night’s sleep. Before making any commitment, muse yourself questions as: Are you searching for privacy from neighbor or a busy street? Do you desire full-light control? Do you have an insulation issue? And then read on…  

Which Blind Types Are Recommended For Kitchen Windows?
Choosing the right kind of blinds for your kitchen is not an effortless process. Based on our long-term experience, we have made some interesting observations that should help you while making the final decision.  

Current lead times (Covid)
We ask you to please understand that lead times are currently under some serious strain. The manufacturing and supplier side of things are still under serious restrictions (even though the world outside seems to think everything is back to normal). We thank you for your support and business at this difficult time and hope you are able to keep yourselves safe until the world is right again.
Read full statement  

Help protect from Covid-19 with Transparent Roller Blinds
Easy to fix and use transparent screen which allows staff working behind counters or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes and help to prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19.  

Skye Roof Blinds For Velux, Fakro, Keylite, Dakstra
Skye Roof Blinds Supply And Installation - Velux, Fakro, Keylite, Dakstra  

Blinds Fabric Sample Cards
Blinds Fabric Sample Cards in PDF - Blinds Fabric Samples, Blinds Colour Samples, Blinds Samples  

Fabrics For Fire Retardant Commercial Blinds - Roller blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roof Blinds
This range offers a blockout and dimout collection of plain fire retardant fabrics, perfect for contract environments. Presented in a palette of 26 distinctive colours and a range of roller and vertical widths, offers the ultimate flexible contract solution. Roller widths: 2m, 2.5m & 3m - Vertical widths: 89mm & 127mm.  

Wooden Blinds | Sunwood Blinds | Wood Venetians
Made-to-measure wooden venetian blinds for bay windows, living rooms, pubs etc. Motorised wooden blinds, wood blinds motorisation also available.  

Venetian Blinds | Colour Range | Tranquility Collection
Made to measure aluminium / metal venetian blinds for bay window.Made to measure aluminium / metal venetian blinds for offices.  

Blackout and Dimout Cellular Pleated Blinds (XC Collection)
Honeycell Cellular, Honeycomb Insulating Blinds - Best Value and Prices with installation service. Saving energy costs is an increasingly important subject these days. Interior window blinds which are intelligently installed can contribute here. Honeycomb shades has an insulating function, so regardless of season and outside temperature, this has a positive effect on the room climate. This is achieved through its cellular construction with air pockets. These function superbly to keep the room cool in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.  

XXL Skylight Blinds | Flat Rooflight Blinds | Electric Rooflight Blinds With Fitting Service In London
Shading for extra large rooflight openings. Neat and easy solution for shading rooflight openings up to 3m wide x 6m draw in a single blind! Above your head and beyond your reach. High-level windows, rooflights, north lights, atria. Flooding spaces with daylight Reducing reliance on artificial lighting. Saving electricity. Creating happier and healthier places to live and work. Daylight comes from the sun. Glare and heat-gain do too. You want the benefits of daylight but with shade from glare and heat. You want to darken during daylight hours if you need to. And you want to maximise daylight when there's no direct sunshine.  

Blackout Disney Roller Blinds Ideal For Kids Rooms
Made to measure blackout Disney roller blinds ideal for kids rooms supplied and fitted in London. New Disney, Star Wars™ and Marvel window blinds! Bring your favourite characters to life and into your home with these special window blind designs.  

Made To Measure Thermal Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
With our Thermal Blackout Blind you can stay cosy and cut fuel costs this winter. These blinds were independently tested by the British Board of Agrement and proven to reduce heat loss through the window by up to 43%.  

Made To Measure Perfect Fit Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
The Perfect Fit System is fitted without the need for drilling any holes into the window frame. It is ideal for tilt and turn windows, back doors. "The Perfect Fit is a unique blind frame system to integrate fully to your UPVC windows and conservatory installations. This innovative blind is designed to fit neatly into the bead of the window frame without any drilling or screwing. Suitable for windows with bead depth of 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 30mm. As the frame fits flush against the window frame it provides excellent thermal efficiency and also moves together with windows and doors when they are opened and closed. Perfect Fit is available with Roller, Venetian, and Pleated blinds."  

Made To Measure Vision Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Vision Blinds have become an increasingly popular option and we are pleased to offer a wide range of colour choice to meet any home. Vision Blinds provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy in an entirely new way. Works in similar concept as the roller blind with double layers of fabric with horizontal transparent strips. This unique design create an open and closed effect with limitless light control. Vision blinds are available in metallic finishes, subtle tones and wooden effect to enhance your interior design needs.  

Made To Measure Pleated Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Pleated Blinds are great energy saving option. Perfect for conservatories and roofs, as every blind individually handmade for any shape to met exact requirements. Pleated window blind offer an attractive combination of light control and eye catching design fabric options. Simply styled, pleated blinds can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect choice for roofs and conservatories to help control heat and glare in summer and retain heat in winter.  

Made To Measure Roman Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Roman blinds offer a stylish way to update the look and feel of your home.
Roman Blinds offering sophisticated option for blocking out unwanted light and create privacy in a stylish innovative way to any room. Their clean lines are as appropriate in an ultra-modern office as in a traditionally furnished home. Available in numerous colours, textures, and patterns.  

Made To Measure Aluminium Venetian Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Aluminium Venetian is a stylish and versatile window blind to suit most domestic or business environments.
Our premium venetian blinds are perfect choice for small and large windows to create an exciting design solutions for working environment and also home interiors. With their functional design allow complete light control and privacy to suit any rooms. Comes in a spectrum of colours, different texture and slat size range of 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm.  

Made To Measure Wooden Venetian Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Wooden Venetian blind gives a feeling of luxury and natural warmth to your room without losing the practicality of the blind.Wooden venetian blinds offer a luxurious classic look that never goes out of style. They are not only control the light in effective way but also naturally insulate your windows.
Our wooden venetians are available in a wide variety of finishes, ranging from classic stained to smooth painted with four slats widths 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 65mm with decorative tapes optional for a sophisticated style.  

Made To Measure Vertical Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Vertical blinds are the most popular choice of window treatment.Available in a variety of colour, design and styles to meet any home decor. Our quality made to measure vertical blinds are a great choice for any building that needs to cover a wide expanse of windows, conservatories or patio doors. Offered in hundreds of colours plain and stylish textured to match your existing décor. Fabrics available range from Dim-out to Blackout; Flame retardant and even Antibacterial fabrics where health and hygiene are a priority.  

Made To Measure Motorised Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
Advances in technology and increased demand for smart and connected living have all contributed to rising excitement about motorised blinds. Made to measure electric roller blinds available With the electric blinds solutions, you can automatically or remote control your blinds. With motorised interior blinds, you'll have full control over how much shade you let into your home with just one remote.  

Made To Measure Skylight Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
With Skylight blackout blinds you get a good night's sleep and total light control during day time. Available in many different colours and designs. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, control the quality and amount of light coming in, ensure comfortable room temperature, or reduce energy consumption and costs, Skylight blinds are specifically designed with those needs in mind.  

Made To Measure Awnings With Professional Fitting Service
Awnings are an efficient way to add outdoor living space while reducing your home’s energy costs. They’re also a great way to spruce up your home. Available in seemingly endless colors, designs and styles, today’s modern awning gives homeowners more choices than ever before.  

Made To Measure Vision Conservatory Roof Blinds With Professional Fitting Service
When it comes to regulating the temperature of your conservatory space, the topic needs to be addressed separately from the rest of your home. Not only will properly positioned energy efficient window treatments save you money, but they will also help with privacy. AdamsBlinds is proud to offer blinds for differing shapes, angles and profiles with fitting services all around the UK.  

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We measure, supply and fit premium made-to-measure window blinds, shutters and outdoor shadings throughout London and surrounding areas.

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Our blinds and shutters supply, measuring and fitting service is available in:

Central London: EC1, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Barbican, Farringdon EC2, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC3, Monument, Tower Hill, Aldgate, Cannon Street EC4, Fleet Street, St Pauls, WC1, Bloomsbury, Gray's Inn, Holborn WC2, Covent Garden, Holborn and Strand, Leicester Square.

East London: E1, Whitechapel, Stepney, Mile End, E2, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, E3, Bow, Bromley-by-Bow, E4, Chingford, Highams Park, E5,Clapton, E6, East Ham, E7, Forest Gate, Upton Park, E8, Hackney, Dalston, E9, Hackney, Homerton, E10, Leyton, E11, Leytonstone, E12, Manor Park, E13, Plaistow, E14, Poplar, Millwall, Isle of Dogs, Docklands E15, Stratford, West Ham, E16, Canning Town, North Woolwich, Docklands E17, Walthamstow, E18, South Woodford, IG1, Ilford, IG2, Gants Hill, IG3, Seven Kings, IG4, Redbridge, IG5, Clayhill, IG6, Barkingside, IG7, Hainalt, IG8, Woodford Green, IG11, Barking, RM1, Romford, RM2, Gidea Park, RM3, Harold Wood, RM4, Havering-atte-Bower, RM5, Collier Row, RM6, Chadwell Heath, RM7, Rush Green, RM8, Becontree Heath, RM9, Becontree, RM10, Dagenham, RM11, Emerson Park, RM12, Hornchuch, RM13, Rainham and RM14, Upminster.

North London:
N1, Islington, Barnsbury, Canonbury, Kings Cross N2, East Finchley, N3, Finchley Central, N4, Finsbury Park, Manor House, N5, Highbury, N6, Highgate, N7, Holloway, N8, Hornsey, Crouch End, N9, Lower Edmonton, N10, Muswell Hill, N11, Friern Barnet, New Southgate, N12, North Finchley, Woodside Park, N13, Palmers Green, N14, Southgate, N15, Seven Sisters, N16, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, N17, Tottenham, N18, Upper Edmonton, N19, Archway, Tufnell Park, N20, Whetstone, Totteridge, N21, Winchmore Hill, N22, Wood Green, Alexandra Palace, EN1, Enfield, EN2, Enfield Town, EN3, Ponders End, EN4, Cockfosters, EN5 Barnet, HA0 Wembley, HA1, Harrow on the Hill, HA2, Harrow, HA3, Wealdstone, HA4 Ruislip, HA5, Pinner, HA6, Northwood, HA7, Stanmore, HA8, Edgeware, HA9, Brent, NW1, Regents Park, Camden Town, NW2, Cricklewood, Neasden NW3, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, NW4, Hendon, Brent Cross, NW5, Kentish Town, NW6, West Hampstead, Kilburn, Queens Park, NW7, Mill Hill, NW8, St Johns Wood, NW9, Kinsbury, Colindale, NW10, Willesden, Harlesden, Kensal Green, NW11, Golders Green, Hampstead Gdn Suburb, UB1, Southall, UB2, Norwood Green, UB3, Hayes, UB4, Yeading, UB5, Northolt, UB6, Greenford, UB7, West Drayton, UB8, Uxbridge and UB10, Hillingdon.

South East London:
SE1, Waterloo, Bermondsey, SE2, Abbey Wood, SE3, Blackheath, Westcombe, SE4, Brockley, Crofton Park, SE5, Camberwell, SE6, Catford, Hither Green, SE7, Charlton, SE8, Deptford, SE9, Eltham, Mottingham, SE10, Greenwich, SE11, Lambeth, SE12, Lee, Grove Park, SE13, Lewisham, Hither Green, SE14, New Cross, SE15, Peckham , SE16, Rotherhithe South, SE17, Walworth, Elephant and Castle, SE18, Woolwich, Plumstead, SE19, Upper Norwood, SE20, Penge, Anerley, SE21, Dulwich, SE22, East Dulwich, SE23, Forest Hill, SE24, Herne Hill, SE25, South Norwood, SE26, Sydenham, SE27, West Norwood, Tulse Hill, SE28, Thamesmead. South London SM1, Sutton, SM2, Belmont, SM3, Cheam, SM4, Mordent, SM5, Carshalton, SM6, Wallington, TN14, Cudham, TN16, Biggin Hill, BR1, Bromley, BR2, Keston, BR3, Beckenham, BR4, West Wickham, BR5, St Mary Gray, BR6, Orpington, BR7, Chislehurst, CRO, Croydon, CR2, South Croydon, CR4, Mitcham, CR5, Coulsdon, CR7, Thornton Heath, CR8, Purley, CR9, Croydon, DA14, Sidcup, DA15, Bexley, DA16, Welling and DA17, Belvedere

West London W1, Mayfair, Soho, Piccadilly, Marylebone W2, Bayswater, Paddington, W3, Acton, W4, Chiswick, W5, Ealing, W6, Hammersmith, W7, Hanwell, W8, Kensington, W9, Maida Vale, Warwick, W10, Ladbroke Grove, North W11, Notting Hill, Holland Park, W12, Shepherds Bush, W13, West Ealing and W14, West Kensington.

South West London: SW1, Westminster, Belgravia SW2, Brixton, Streatham Hill, SW3, Chelsea, SW4, Clapham, SW5, Earls Court, SW6, Fulham, Parsons Green, SW7, South Kensington, SW8, South Lambeth, Nine Elm,s SW9, Stockwell, SW10, West Brompton, SW11, Battersea, Clapham, SW12, Balham, SW13, Barnes, Casteinau, SW14, Mortlake, East Sheen, SW15, Putney, Roehampton, SW16, Streatham, Norbury, SW17, Tooting, SW18, Wandsworth, SW19, Wimbledon, Merton SW20, South Wimbledon, KT1, Kingston, KT2, Norbiton, KT3, New Malden, KT4, Worcester Park, KT5, Berrylands, KT6 Surbiton, KT9, Chessington, TW1, Twickenham, TW2, Whitton, TW3, Hounslow, TW4, Hounslow West, TW5, Heston, TW6, Heathrow, TW7, Isleworth, TW8, Brentford, TW9, Richmond, TW10, Ham, TW11, Teddington, TW12, Hampton, TW13, Feltham and TW14, Hatton.

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